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Don’t mistake "service" with "servile" January 23, 2016 13:30

I have been in New York for the last week. I am a regular visitor to the Big Apple and continue to marvel at the level of service here. Restaurants, retail, and hospitality - I have felt like a king for the week.

Naturally, my mind wanders to why we are not able to replicate that level on service, on the main, in Australia? Is it because our higher structural costs means less associates on the floor? Or because we don’t have the ‘tip and gratuity’ culture that the US has? Is our training in retail and hospitality not at the same level as the US? Or because we don’t have the ‘scale’ and size of the population?

Stop hiding behind your company’s brand – step out January 21, 2016 21:00

I have spent the last few days at the NRF Retail Big Show in New York.  And reflected on how the successful retail brands usually have a personal face sitting behind, or indeed, in front, of the corporate brand.

Pride is the New Retail Currency January 22, 2015 04:18

My first email after landing in sunny Sydney this morning was from the editor of Power Retail. My brief: write a piece about the big ‘take homes’ from the NRF Big Show, which finished up in snowy New York City last week.

Despite the vastness of the event, around thirty five thousand attendees, I always try to hone on the one or two big things at these mega events. So, I guess I could write about the convergence of physical and digital retail and the number of keynotes that referenced that. Yes, there is a new word folks, “phygital”!  Read more...

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