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The Need for Connectedness... and Airbnb September 6, 2015 18:30

I am in Rome for the World Retail Congress. The conference is being held at a landmark Rome Hotel, the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria. I could have stayed in the hotel, or others close by, but  have opted to stay in an apartment a short walk from the hotel, via Airbnb - The question is why? A cost saving is an obvious answer but I don't think that is it. I think Airbnb have tapped into a primal human desire for connection and belonging.

Being a Cheerleader for Australian Retail just got Easier August 24, 2015 19:29

I am attending the World Retail Congress in Rome from the 8th-10th September. Flying the NORA flag has always been a privilege since our inception less than three short years ago. But being an advocate, indeed a cheerleader for an Australian technology led, customer centric and global retail just seems to be getting easier.

I was browsing through the World Retail Awards finalists. Global awards of course. First up, eCommerce Retailer of the Year, and in the handful of finalists, Appliances Online and Michael Hill are right up there. Young Retailers of the Year, John Winning deservedly makes the cut. Read more...