At the core of my entrepreneurial career is a simple truth – I like starting businesses or seeing them start, more than I like running businesses. My definition of Entrepreneurship is simple: “Creating something from nothing”. There is no more noble pursuit in my view. 
Recent examples have included the launching of NORA, supporting the founders and team of the fabulous Afterpay business, getting behind the guys who founded URGE, supporting the outstanding iCumulus (ADSone) founder, and others. I always have my ear to the ground for great businesses and entrepreneurs. So what do I look for?  
  • Simple solutions, or rather finding the simplicity that sits on the other side of complexity.
  • Technology solutions that enable new retail – making life richer for both customers and retailers. Solving, really solving pain points. 
  • Entrepreneurs who are prepared to back themselves and throw themselves into the deep end. A track record of 'success', however small, inspires me.